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What's Going On With Sunflower Seed?

Sunflower seeds, specifically Black Oil Sunflower, are the main ingredient in almost all wild bird seed blends. At our local store, sunflower seed alone represents a large volume of our local sales. Birds are very active eating hulled sunflower seeds, as well as sunflowers in the shell. However, obtaining these sunflower seeds from distributors has become very challenging, to say the least. Both transportation issues, and rising fuel costs have affected the price being paid for product. Another thing to consider is how the Russia/Ukrainian conflict has dramatically affected supplies, as 70% of all sunflower oil is produced in Russia, and 60% of all sunflower seed is grown in the Ukraine. These factors are now permeating the current market, and supply chain. Simply put, black oil sunflower is not as easy to obtain as it has been in years past, and as a result, sunflower prices in the retail market have risen considerably. As with all things, the future is uncertain, but with hope we will continue to be able to provide bird seed for our loyal customers, and of course our beloved birds!

For now, happy birding, and may your backyard, and "your" birds continue to flourish despite current affairs!

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